How to get from Plovdiv to Burgas?

How to get from Plovdiv to Burgas?

Wondering how to get from Plovdiv to Burgas? Our company can help you and traveling will be a pleasure for both parties!

The sea has its charm throughout the seasons. It doesn’t matter if it is springtime, when everything is fresh, whether it is summer and we want to be on the beach, whether it is autumn and we are strolling along leafy lanes or it is winter and the cold wind is in its whirlwind…

It is only important that we are close to the sea. The “big blue” greets each of us on its shores.

For whatever reason you decide to get to Burgas, it will be nice there. You just need to choose how to get from Plovdiv to the seaside city and we suggest you take advantage of a service called “transfer”.

We are TrueDrivers and as a transfer company we will explain what it is all about in just a few lines:

Transfers represent the transport of a person(or group of people) from point A to point B by choice. If you choose to take advantage of our service you will be taken from the address and taken to the address you want.

The distance between Plovdiv and Burgas is 252.9 km through Trakia / A1 highway.

If you are traveling by car, you will be able to drive it in about 2 and a half hours. 

Trust us on this trip to the beach and you will not regret it! TrueDrivers is a company that has proven itself over the years – we guarantee the quality that every client will receive!

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