The Lessor True Group LTD, hereby gives for rent to the Renter the vehicle, described in details on the front page of this Agreement and subject to all terms and conditions. The Renter must present a valid driver’s license – at least 3 years of driving experience. The Renter is obligated to present identity documents. The minimum age to hire a vehicle is 23 years. Renters at age from 21 to 23 years should pay a “Young Driver” surcharge which comes at 5 euro per day and double deposit is required. The minimum rental period is 24 hours. No maximum period. In case for extended rental period the price for less than 24 hours rental is the same as for 24 hours.

І. Delivery and Return

  1. The vehicle is delivered to the Renter in perfect condition together with the equipment, demanded by the Traffic Police, which is recorded in the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol, integral part of this contract, under those conditions the return of the car takes place. The Renter is obliged to return the vehicle in the same condition, as at the time the vehicle has been delivered to him, together with all documents; he has with him at the time and the location stipulated in the rental agreement, which shall be recorded in the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol.
  2. In case of delay to drop-off the vehicle (after the rental agreement has expired) the client has to pay forfeit as it follows:

Delays up to one hour are free of charge; From 1 to 6 hours delay – a full price of the rental day, as per price list; Over 6 to 12 hours – the price of two full rental days, as per price list;

  1. For delay WITHOUT WARNING (after the rental agreement has expired) the client has to pay forfeit as it follows:

More than one hour (up to 6 hours), the company reserves the right to impose a fine of 50 euro + a full price of one rental day, as per price list; More than 6 hours the company reserves the right not to return the deposit; More than 24 hours the company reserves the right to keep the deposit, as well as 100 euro fine for every day of delay;

ІІ. Damages, Shortages, Robbery

  1. In case the vehicle was damaged, there are shortages, or robbery of the entire or parts of it, as well as in case of glass breaking or fire, as result of Renter’s negligence, the Renter is obligated to indemnify the Lessor, incl. to cover the expenses for the rent of the replacement vehicle, the repatriation and repair of damaged vehicle, the missed profits of rents, and stipulated upon signing the contract, which fee is not refundable;
  2. Renter shall pay all damages to the lower part of the vehicle, wheels and wheel rims, hubcaps and radio/CD player theft;
  3. In case the license, the keys or the number plate of the vehicle are stolen destroyed or lost, the Renter shall pay an indemnity equal to 5 days rental fee;

ІІІ. Payment methods and deposit

  1. The rental price is defined per day, it depends on the rental period and it is published in the Pricelist, integral part of this contract. It is due upon delivery of the vehicle and the signature of the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol;
  2. Online payments can be done by credit/debit card, bank draft and cash;
  3. The Renter is obliged to submit a deposit, the amount of which is defined, upon signing the contract. After the vehicle is returned in a good condition, the same in which it was delivered by the Lessor, and which condition is recorded in the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol, the deposit shall be released. In case in the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol are recorded small damages or shortages, as well as the vehicle is returned with less fuel in the tank or less than the level of the fuel stipulated in the protocol of acceptance, the corresponding amount shall be deducted from the deposit amount and the balance if any, shall be released;

ІV. Liability of the Lessor

  1. The Lessor is responsible for damages, caused to the Renter, or third party, as result of technical faults of the rented vehicle, proved by an independent technical survey. The expenses for this survey shall be on the account of the party in whose favor the conclusion of the survey are not;
  2. The Lessor is obligated to supply the Lessee with a replacement vehicle for the period, as per the rental contract of the default vehicle;

V. Obligation and Responsibility of the Renter

  1. To use the vehicle properly and to take good care of it;
  2. In case of damage, accident or failure to take measures to locate and reduce the damages and to save the vehicle;
  3. In case of damages or car accident, except the small incidents, to Mill the requirements or the Traffic Law and the Regulations for this application concerning creation of protocols and other documents. Within 24 hours after the time of the accident/damage, but not later than the end of the contract, the Renter is obliged to inform the Lessor, reporting all the facts, circumstances and other data (incl. witnesses etc.) related to the accident, as well as to fully assist the Lessor and the insurance company in clarifying the accident and damages;
  4. To use the vehicle for towing either vehicle or a trailer, as well as for participation in races, competitions, trainings, tests; to transport big liquid or other loads;
  5. To drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other hypnotic medicines;
  6. To transfer the right of driving the vehicle to third party and to use it for travels abroad;
  7. The renter is liable in the event of damage to the vehicle, including contamination or damage to the trim, breakage or damage to parts of the interior or exterior of the vehicle, as well as any material damage caused by the unauthorized use of the rented vehicle;

VІ. Fuel

The Vehicle is provided with a full tank of fuel and it should be returned the same. In case the vehicle is not returned with a full tank, the client will be charged a fine of 10 euro + missing fuel.

VІІ. Guaranteeing a car class

True Group LTD does not guarantee a specific brand or model of vehicle. We guarantee for providing a vehicle of the same class, size, number of doors and number of seats. In case of reserved car is not available at the date of pick-up, the client will receive a higher class vehicle without extra cost.

VІІІ. Crossing Borders

Crossing borders is possible for the neighboring countries of Bulgaria and some other countries upon prior request and approval by True Group LTD. The minimal rental period is 7 days; A double deposit is required – the deposit’s amount depends on the car class. Going abroad is possible only and entirely with the explicit permission of True Group LTD. Any attempt to leave the country without permission will be charged as violation of the Terms and Conditions of the company with the deposit amount!!!

ІХ. Drop-off / One way rentals

  1. In case the vehicle is returned to a different place than it was picked up (including drop-off on the territory of other countries) only on a preliminary request;
  2. In case the vehicle is returned to a different location than pick-up location, additional charges will be applied. It is possible to return the vehicle at any point of Bulgaria or another country only on a prior request;
  3. True Group LTD reserves the right to refuse a reservation with different places to receive and return a car, and therefore the paid amount is refunded to the customer!

Х. Terms of cancellation / Changing Reservation

A confirmed reservation can be changed / cancelled up to 24 hours before the rental starts – free of charge. If an online pre-paid rental is cancelled by the client, the paid amount will not be restored, but will be used for next booking. If a reservation is refused or cancelled less of 24 hours before pick-up, or in case No-Show, as in case of already collected car needs to be returned earlier before drop off date True Group LTD will not refund any of the down payments. In case the vehicle is changed for another of lower class, the difference in price will not be refunded. The company reserves its right to cancel a reservation due to inability to submit the reserved vehicle (or the alternative), as in this case the Customer will be fully refunded with the down payment.


  • It is mandatory to drive with headlights ON during the day!
  • Turn OFF the headlights and the radio when leaving the vehicle!
  • Do not leave the car documents in the passenger compartment in your absence!
  • Smoking is prohibited in cars!
  • No Pets allowed!
  • True Group LTD reserves its rights to change the Terms and Conditions!


The presence of traces of smoking and ashes or pets and also the return of the car in a very poor condition gives us the right to impose a fine up to the amount of the deposit.

The contract is going to be drawn up in two copies, all of equal validity, one for each party. Integral part of this contract is the “Acceptance and Delivery” Protocol.