Road Assistance in Plovdiv and the Region

Truedrivers – Your Top Choice for Road Assistance in Plovdiv and the Region

Truedrivers are the best providers of private transfers but now  We’re proud to introduce our latest service – Roadside Assistance. Let’s explore the advantages we offer compared to others and the additional services that make us your ultimate choice.

 Ensuring Safety with Our Long Tilt Platform

Complete Safety for Your Vehicle

The standout feature of Truedrivers Road Assistance is our long tilt platform, ensuring the full safety of your vehicle during loading. Whether you’re stranded on the road or require transportation for your car, our specialized platform is designed to provide stability and security in any situation where Roadside Assistance is needed.

 Winch Service for Vehicles Unable to Load Themselves

 Powerful Winch for Challenging Situations

Encountering a situation where your vehicle can’t move or load onto the platform independently? Fear not; Truedrivers’ Road Assistance is equipped with a powerful winch, ideal for handling such challenging circumstances!

Car Dollies for Safe Transport After an Accident or Emergency

Secure Transport Post-Accident

After an accident or emergency, the top priority is the safe relocation of your vehicle without causing additional damage. Our professional team utilizes specialized car dollies, ensuring your car is moved safely without the risk of further harm.

 7-Seater Platform – No Need for a Support Vehicle

Convenience for Larger Groups

Whether you’re traveling with family or a large group of friends, our 7-seater platform allows you to transport everyone, including personal belongings. There’s no need for an accompanying or substitute vehicle – with our Roadside Assistance, you can move seamlessly. Truedrivers provides everything you need for a hassle-free experience.


 Comprehensive Roadside Assistance Services in Plovdiv and the Region

Additional Services to Ensure Your Complete Safety and Satisfaction

Jumpstarting Dead Batteries

In addition to our primary roadsistance assistance benefits, we offer a range of additional services designed to guarantee your complete safety and satisfaction:

Road Assistance in Accidents and Incidents

Immediate Support 24/7

Road accidents and incidents happen unexpectedly. Our teams are available 24/7 to provide road assistance during traffic accidents and transport-related incidents.

Assistance for Breakdowns

Full Support for Malfunctioning Vehicles

If your vehicle experiences a breakdown that hinders its movement, we’ll provide full assistance to get you back on the road.

Transport of Bulky Goods

Beyond Automobile Assistance

Looking for reliable transportation for bulky goods? We can be of service beyond traditional vehicle assistance.

Transport of Construction and Agricultural Equipment

Specialized Transportation Solutions

Engaged in construction or agriculture? Our specialized vehicles can assist in transporting your equipment.

Contact Truedrivers for Roadside Assistance in Plovdiv and the Region

Your Best Option for Roadside Assistance

Truedrivers’ Roadside Assistance in Plovdiv and the region is your top choice for reliable help. Feel free to contact us whenever you need roadside assistance. We’re here to assist you and get you back on the road for a trouble-free journey.

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