Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This is our F.A.Q. section, where you can learn more about us and how you book a taxi, choose a driver, download our app and use it and some much more. If your question is not mentioned here feel free to contact and we’ll be happy to help you.

You can book easy! Chose date of your transfer, pick up time, your start and end point of your destination, chose number of seats of the vehicle and left your contact number. We going to contact as soon as possible(max 12hours) to confirm your transfer.

Its good to book few days in advance, but in case you are in hurry you can contact us by one call and we will try to make your transfer in the same day or time comfortable for you.

Yes of course but last minute its like overtime, we didn’t expect you and its not easy to arange fast and good service in last minute. We can arange it but probably will cost more than usually.

Write us one email with your wished route and destination and our team will reply you if there is possibility to help you.

Don’t worry we going to secure you child seat in this case but its necessary to tell that to us in advance.

Just explain us how many suitcases you have and how big they are to know which car will have enough space to fit your stuff.

Yes of course just let us know to be prepared. Extra payment depends on which pet its about.

That is not a problem of course, just let us know exactly the name of the airport from where you depart to which one you arrive with correct date and time and let us to give the rest.

Our driver will follow your flight and he will wait you inside in the terminal with a label with your name on it. In case he don’t meet you in regular time, he will contact you by number phone given by you.

All our drivers have viber and whatsapp on their phones.

Most of our drivers speak and write good English.

Everything its fine! Try to contact your driver and if he is not there, please stay inside of arrival hall and wait him.

You can pay the transfer in Cash or via Credit/Debit Card at the day of travelling or in advance. In case You prefer the card-payment, You have to inform us in advance. You can pay in advance by bank transfer as well.

We accept BGN, EUR, pounds and US dollars.

Just send us one email with all changes soon as possible(not later then 12 hours) and we will do our best.

Price are by booked car. Only the child seats are paid extra.

Only in case if didnt get information about your delay and driver wait a lot of hours for you on the airport. For more secure, you can send us a message immediately when you find out about delays.

Just give us a call in first step when you are sure that you missed your flight. We are human beings, can happening to everyone.

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